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New type of killer whale that hunts large mammals including grey whale calves, elephant seals ...

The Daily Mail 06 Oct 2021
Most were spotted in the offshore waters between Oregon and central California ... Researchers think it might be higher pitched so they can be heard above the low roar of offshore winds ... 'They spend most of their time in coastal waters, but we're now finding that they do inhabit the offshore oceanic waters.

One Of The World's Largest Marine Migrations Makes No Evolutionary Sense

IFL Science 15 Sep 2021
Mass migrations are a crucial feature of the natural world, with millions of animals undertaking great journeys in search of food or mating opportunities ... Offshore of South Africa cold Atlantic waters fresh from the Antarctic meet tropical Indian Ocean currents, producing an astonishing temperature gap in the space of a few kilometers ... Image Credit ... .

Royal Navy Icebreaker's Crew Tests Drones to Scout for Ice Leads

The Maritime Executive 25 May 2021
HMS Protector, an icebreaker built in 2000 as the ICE 05-class survey vessel Polarbjørn, was originally designed for commercial offshore work in the Arctic ... As is typical for an offshore vessel, Protector was fitted with a very large helicopter pad, but she was not designed with helicopter hangars.

Australia's Katherine region: 'Layers and connections here are infinite and abundant with human spirit'

The Observer 27 Dec 2020
Jawoyn, Dalabon, Rembarrnga, Gunwinggu, Wardaman and Mayali. It’s said you can smell this great island hundreds of kilometres offshore as you approach by ship from crisp Antarctic waters. Complex oils of eucalypts dominate. The scent of our country. Whether lived or dreamed, we can revel in what this does for our own appreciation and imagining ... .


The National 05 Aug 2020
Climate change may be turning the Antarctic green ... The research, published in the journal Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation, found that the emperor penguin colonies were found as far as 180 kilometres offshore.

Pirates, Slavers and Poachers: Violence on the High Seas

New York Times 19 Aug 2019
The Outlaw Ocean,” the journalist Ian Urbina’s chronicle of offshore crime, ranges from Somalia to the Philippines to the Antarctic ... .

Scientists Use Elephant Seals To Help Solve The Mystery Of Antarctica's Giant Holes

IFL Science 10 Jun 2019
Curiously, a giant hole occasionally manifests in Antarctica’s sea ice during wintertime but, until now, scientists didn’t know why ... They found it comes down to a combination of intense, stormy weather patterns and ocean salinity ... A polynya caught by satellite, in the ice offshore of the Antarctic coast. September 25, 2017. NASA ... .
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